Majorgroove Wallpaper

You might have seen this before, but now I removed even more grain so the whole image is nice and smooth.

Yafray and Blender for a z-buffer
Wings for the modeling

It came out like I wanted it to which is probably a first…


Wow, that looks awesome. I like the translucence effect on the blue twisted toroidal object.

So this is the object that you were asking the question about in the Question forum? So did the tutorial link that was posted help at all or did you use your own method to do the unwrapping?
Just curious :slight_smile:

Yes this is the, and not really.

I knew well how to UV map in general but this particular piece was very very hard to map using blender alone - I had numerous troubles…

In the end, the best way to do it was to slice the object into 2

and use Autouv to unwrpa those 2 peices. This gave me something that looked singularly awful but was topologically okay and I pushed and pulled the map into a rectangular wraparound map in blender… (joined the two pieces seamlessly). In the end i think it worked well and there’s no notcable stretching anywhere on the object.

In the end I think it came out great, but I’m not sure if I mapped in properly or if there was a better way.

Great as wallpaper

awesome, but I kinda dislike the object beinh cut-off like that. could you make a render with the entire object visable?


Very cool. Is that rendered in Blender? It looks very nice. It makes me think of one of those little toys you see sitting on the desks of CEOs.


That looks pretty cool. I’m a little surprised that its blender!
Nice job. :Z

its not really blender, he modelled it in wings, rendered in yafray, and used blender merely for exporting, if i understood correctly.

Yes, That is the case blendermax - Except I spent hours within blender U-V mapping the things as well.

as you requested, another render with the entire shape visible…