Make 3D object pass behind clip objects

hi all :slight_smile:

I’m currently playing with blender motion tracking ( and i got to say it’s really amazing ! )

And not that i put an 3D obj over a footage, it’s like to know how to make those 3D object
pass behind clip objects ( eg like suzanne pu on asphalt beeing hiddent by the corner of a building in a street crossing ) ?

I googled this for now long and only found simple 3D object setup in front of a footage.

Happy blending !


I am not an expert in motion graphics, but I think you could create a mesh that matches the wall at your street crossing, then give it a holdout shader in your shader editor. This will render the object as an alpha. You could then composite it on top and see the monkey as the camera moves around the holdout shaded object.

Hi @thurines :slight_smile:

I’ll give this a try.

Happy blending !

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