Make a 3D walking game (BGE)

Hi and thanks for your attention to this topic.

The task is to create a 3d - walking game based on the already drawn .blend levels. There are 2 levels. Sensors are need (Keyboard and mouse). About 10 3d simple models are need to be created (simple things like tables, TV, etc). Physics are to be created with some conditions.

The budget is not set up, but please be kind in estimtions because of this project is my personal financed :slight_smile:

Thanks for your attention and have a great day!


Hello Kernie/ Nikita
I am interested in this project. Please PM me.

I sent you a PM

I have already done a torque based walking engine, do you want to see a .blend?

am in for the asset creation… i usually create stuff for people working on unity3d games

the sensors and stuff is over my head… as far as BGE goes am just an occasional tinkerer.

will PM