Make a ball always face towards camera

Hello, I am creating an animation with some balls in it, which fall to a flat surface. It looks very nice, but the thing is that on one of the balls there is a logo which I want to face the camera when the balls settle.

What are some possible solutions? :slight_smile:

select the ball and then shift select the camera and Ctrl-T and add constraint
in 2.58 it’s the second choice

happy 2.5

RickyBlender, you’re the man! :wink:
Works great, although I might even need to set the “constrain strength”. What I mean by this is that I would allow a ball to spin (just a little). Is it possible to do this also?

/EDIT: found influence :wink:

/EDIT2: actually influence didn’t do what I meant ;(

or use constraint: ‘track to’ in blender