Make a ball squeeze


I know there’s is probably some Soft Body physics setttings, but i don’t really like to use physics simulations and the way we use them. I prefer to use modifiers.

Basicaly i want a ball to be squeezed between 2 other meshes (not necessarily flat ! ) : so compressed on the pushed zones and inflating on the free zones

I see 2 interesting mesh modifiers to combine which could help me :

  • For inflating zone : The cast modifiers re-shape an object into a sphere (or others) and one can choose the inflating axis . But it’s not possible to choose a custom shape. (**)

  • For the compression zone : the shrinkwarp is very powerful but unfortunately it does the warping on the whole mesh. I only want the intersect zone to be warped by the 2 compression objects.

Shape keys could be a solution but they are not dynamic.

(**) Other question, in case of inflating an object. It’s possible to “weigh paint” heat zones ? Like, some zones are more eager to stay still and others to explode or even implode ?

I searched on Internet already. Blender must have something to do this.