Make a bit of money with Blender

I’ve have been using Blender for a couple of years now and was interested in maybe making a little money from some of the stuff i have made. I have heard about Turbo Squid but was wondering if there was anything else useful i could do with my models and possible make a little bit of money out of it. I am not the most experienced modeller but can still produce average models.

You can also make same interesting illustrations and sell as pictures in stock photo sites.

Yeh cool, i never thought about that, thanks. But does it cost any money to subscribe or upload photos?

i think it varies on different sites.
some might charge you, some might take a cut of the selling price, and some might just make the money through advertising (although this would look less professional and may attract less customers)…

Ok, thanks i will be sure to check it out. Also does anyone have any other important things for me to know if i were to start using turbo squid?

Here is some information about product standards as it relates to Turbosquid that you might find useful.

Thanks Esemkay for the info on Turbosquid just what i wanted to know.