Make a camera follow a path

Hi Guys I need to make a camera follow a path, the wiki tutorial goes into to many tangents and makes no sense to me, is there a walk through tutorial out there?

At the moment my camera is constrained to a path but will not actually take or follow the route of the path which is what I want.

When you select the camera and the path and press Ctrl-P, you get a “Follow Path” option. When I select this, the camera follows the path just like I want it to.

As far as I can tell this will work for any curve. You can add a track to constraint to the camera to control where it points, and control the speed with the speed Ipo on the curve.

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I see the problem was that I was expecting the camera to actually follow the curve when I moved it like it does in after effects, instead it only follows the path if you preview the animation, or push the time line forward.

Hi , I cant see a speed ipo, there is a time one but I haven’t got a clue how to adjust it.