make a circular cut?

I’m modeling a gatling gun, and there are plates that the barrels go through, and i need to make a round holes where the barrels go. How can i do this?

1 - you cann use the retopo to put a circle onto the mesh
then manually cut the mesh

2 - you could also use the cookie cutter script inclued

3 - you could also use the boolean modifier

hope it helps

i tried boolean, and that didn’t work so scratch that. I cant get cookie cutter to work.and i dont understand retopo. OMG i suck

Here’s my short tutorial for your situation: :wink:

Step 1: Take the number of barrels and multiply it by 5. Now add a circle(filled) with that number of sides. Go into editmode and add a circle(no fill) with 8 sides. Scale and position it so that it sits between any 3 faces of the large circle. (check the attachment after each step for visual aid)

Step 2: Delete all faces except the 5 that are closest to the small circle.

Step 3: Delete the 2 edges that run through the circle. Now make triangles(and quads where possible) to fill in the gaps. Just select 3 or 4 vertices at a time and press “F” to make a face. You can’t always make 4 sided faces, so if you press “F” and it doesn’t work, just make two 3-sided faces instead… you can always make those.

Step 4: Select the tip of the triangle and press Shift + “S”. Choose “Cursor -> Selection”. Now select everything and go to the Mesh Tools panel in the Editing tab. Change the “Degr” under the “Spin” button to 360 and beside it change “Steps” to the number of barrels you have. With everything still selected, press the “Spin Dup” button, then press “X”(deletes an extra copy). Now select everything again and press “W”, then choose “Remove Doubles”.

Step 5: Go to a view where you’re not looking at the circle head on. With everything selected, press “E”, and choose “Region”, then drag it as thick as you want the plate to be. Set the rounded parts to “Smooth” shading, and that’s it!


one other way is to add a bezier circle then go into edit mode and then add as many bezier circle you need but yu need to place them where needed

for that you may have to create a template and follow it to locate the different bezier circles !

that way you don’t have to make all the faces it’s done for you

but this does not give a very beautifull mesh

then you can convert to mesh

hapy blendering

ok, one question, on step three you said make triangles to fill the gaps, you mean by extruding?

No, select 3 vertices and press “F”.

oh ok

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great thanks, it worked, another prob tho, when I press “Set Smooth” its looks really wierd, and when I press ctrl N it does little help

You probably don’t want the whole thing to be set smooth… just the parts that are to be round, like inside the holes an around the outside edge.

not to bug you, or b any more of a noob,but how would i smooth out those areas? i tried selecting them and clicking “smooth” under mesh tools, and that just deformed it.

You need to select them and press “set smooth”, and it’s not a bother!

ok, did that, still smoothing wierd

you might have to flip normals manually. There’s a button in the editing tab somewhere that draws each face’s normal as a line. Some should be pointing inward, and some will be pointing out. Make them all point out by selecting the ones that don’t and click the flip normals button.

@Renderer10, wow, nice tutorial! I learned a lot of stuff from it, that’s what great about these Support forums, anyone browsing in them can benefit.

@rvngizswt, you can try selecting all the faces and then hitting Ctrl > N (recalculate normals outside) as a quick fix, and if that doesn’t work, try what Renderer10 said in the above post. Good luck!


I know this is a bit late. Have attached a disk I did with holes in. Unfortunately not six
that you are looking for, but you can get the general concepts from the file.

It was constructed Low Poly similar to that of Renderer10 then using Mirror, Array and
then Subsurf. This approach allows you to modify the bevels hole sizes etc… only
working with one of them. This saves alot of time and effort :smiley:

Just so you know the Array modifier uses an Object Offset with a rotated Empty.

Hope this helps.

Kindest Regards,



Disk_Mirror_Array_Subsurf_001.blend (147 KB)