Make a easy $50 for someone expierenced !!

Ok guys I am struggling with a project and I need some help :slight_smile:

Take a look at this

This series of videos shows stickmen in different arrangements. The camera angle can be changed, the floor is a little reflective. The colors of the stickmen can be changed. They can be knocked over etc.

I need to make videos like this for a presentation. I have found a 2d vector image to make the stickmen from here

So what I need is someone to make the 3d object, show me how to make a scene as in those videos, with the ability to change the colors of the men, knock them over and put images into the scene. (for instance I want to be able to show a image of a document appear near one of the stickmen)

So… I’m thinking $50 by paypal for anyone experienced who can show me in as little time as possible how to make these types of videos. If you can set up a scene so I can place stickmen and start filming all the better.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I will be able to easily show you how to achieve this. Also set up a blend file for the scene with a camera rig. I would be willing to show you anytime you would like. I could also just make a tutorial for you but I think it would benefit you if we were to just talk so you could ask me questions.

Do you think you could explain in more detail what you want animation wise? I definitely could model the stick men and get all the materials set up right but I’m not exactly sure what you were thinking about for the animation. I’m modeling the stick man right to get some tests set up. You can PM me the project details if you want.

Heres a test render. It can all be changed though depending on what you want.

Thats great work ! Right now I have 2 people working on scenes, but you are on my list.

Well just contact me if you want me to continue working.