Make a face vertical

I just spent about an hour trying to get this face vertical:


I can make it flat ( horizontal ), no problem SZ0. But not matter what combination of S(xyz) global or local, I try, it won’t work. I might add the face is in an arbitrary position, ie, not alinged with the global axis.

How hard can this be?

Set your Snapping to Vertex. Select the two corner vertices. Double tap G and slide them backwards. Hover the cursor over the bottom two vertices while holding Ctrl. Click. Done.

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Ok, that did it - thanks.

But am I missing something here?

I assumed I could use SZZ0, the second Z giving me local axis, but it always ends up being global…

The Local axis of the face is the same as the Local axis of the Object… which doesn’t help you. You can see this by selecting one of the Tools like Transform, which displays a Gizmo and taking a look through the various Transform Orientations.

One way round it is to switch to Normal. That won’t give you something you can use on the tilted face but you may be able to find an adjoining face whose Normal orientation would suit. Just select that face and click the wee + to create a custom orientation. In the example here the top face works and by using that I could then do SX0 on the face to be made vertical.

Yes, thanks, I started looking at custom orientation. But all the time I was thinking ‘well I can snap a face flat, it must be similar to snap it vertical’. Alas no, apparently… :nerd_face: