make a face

when you have more then 4 verts slected and you try to make a face there are is an option auto. what does this do? allso is there a way to fill a hole that is more then 4 verts in a few key strokes? say i have a hole in a mesh that is 20 verts can i slect all the verts and have blender make a face for me? normaly i would slect 4 verts at a time and fill them.

As long as the vert’s and edges make a continuous loop you can fill the loop using Shift-F. This will create a load of new triangle faces. With the vert’s still selected Alt-F will reorganise the triangles, you may need to repeat Alt-F a few times to get the best result. Then press Alt-J to make Quad’s

Alternatively, select two parallel edge loops (Shift+Alt+RMB) and press F>Skin Faces/Edge-Loops will fill the gap with quads (at least if the number of edges are the same on either side of the missing gap). Typically you also need to Set Smooth and Ctrl+N>Recalculate Normals to get a smooth-looking mesh.

/ Mats

The only thing “Auto” do, as far as I know, is, if you select two faces separated by a missing face, “Auto” will fill the hole with a face.

/ Mats

EDIT: An Fgon is “Fake N-Gon”, so selecting a tri adjacent to a quad will produce a fake 5-gon (with one edge hidden).