make a font

I was looking months ago how to make fonts but did not find what I was looking for. Is there such thing as a converter jpg , png or… to font?
I understand that each letter has a ? ? command ? .

Wait, what exactly are you wanting to do?


I think he wants to make his own font,
You can try “fontlab” But I only heard of it so I don’t know anything about it…
Fonts end in .ttf so try looking for something that converts that.
Hope that helped (somewhat)

Thanks, for the help. Yes i want to make fonts. I looked before and found some stuff but it was so long ago I do not remember why I could not use it. I remember I could not find a simple converter, if there is such a thing.
I hoped to make them in Blender and convert.

this might help you dude font converter

There is also Font Forge which is open source, but it seems somewhat complicated to use. But they have tutorials. If you know how to use Inkscape you can save each letter as an SVG and then import into Font Forge.

All look great . I think I tried before to use fontforge and never got it installed. I do not use Inkscape but it was easy to open a jpg and save as a svg Ill try to use the online converter suggested here.
Thanks for the help

Which operating system did you try to install it on?

Windows 7 . It does not have a installer right? Is it easy ?

Not sure about that. I know on Mac you can install it through Macports. But I guess you have to compile manually on Windows.