Make a Game - High School Students

I am Caedmon. I am a sophomore in high school and am a 3D modeler. I am interested in making a short-term indi game with others near my age. The exact details of the game will be voted upon if this project actually starts. There will most likely be no money involved at all, however, if we do end up shipping a game and it makes money, the percent you will get is the percent you put into the game. If enough people decide to join the project, we will start the creation process immediately. We will need more 3D artists, UE 4 or 5 programmers, and (if possible), 2D artists for concepting.

If you want to join, you must meet the minimal requirements;

  1. Have one of the skills mentioned (2D artist, 3D artist, UE4 or 5 programmers). You need to know enough to help on the project, but this is not a “YOU HAVE SHIPPED AAA GAME” type of thing.

  2. Be willing to put in at least 2hrs of effort per week. This is flexible if, perhaps, 1 week you had more schoolwork or were sick.

  3. Cooperate with the rest of the group. To finish this project, we’ll really need everyone’s help.

Management will be done by me and others who request the post and are granted by me. Having a management role does not mean you get to pull the shots. It means you help monitor the discord and manage other content like project input and due dates. Dropping out mid-project is completely fine (if discouraged) and we will still list you as a partial creator of this game. We will need a minimum of; 2 coders, 1 more 3D artist, and 1 2D artist to even begin this project. More people will be welcome.

Please comment on this post if you are interested to join or have any questions.

I’m interested. I’m a senior, and could help with the 3D side of it.

Hey, thanks for joining. I’ll reach out to you if the game can start. However, this and many other posts have been up for a while and I don’t think we’ll be getting any coders (pretty necessary). if we do get the required amount of people to join, I will reply to your comment again. I am doubtful that we will get the right amount of people though. I hope you have a good day, and I am sorry for the inability to start.

I’ll talk to some of my friends that know coding and see if they’re interested.

Not sure if you are still interested, but I am a coder and know quite a bit of 3d art. I would love to help on this project. I am a sophomore in college.

Ok that sounds great. I will start setting up the discord server soon. if you could email me your discord name at this email, I can add you - [email protected]

So, we have a coder, so I am setting up a discord server. if you could, Email me your discord name at this address - [email protected]

Hello, I’m a high school senior, and I’m interested in helping out. I’ve been using Blender for several years and have recently started learning unreal.

I would love more people to join. if you could email me your discord name, I could add you to the server. [email protected]

email sent