Make a lamp that only casts shadows to a specific object?

To create shadows for my game, I’ve added Spot Lamps over the player and opposition’s cars.
For far this method is working wonders.

The only problem I have is if you get too close to a rival, your shadows join forces and create a hard shadow,
this also happens when slamming into the guard rails. Any way to make a lamp only target one object? A script, or something…


Receive: can the object receive casted shadows from other objects?
Cast: can the object cast shadows?

So, disable it on every material, and enable it on the objects you want to cast shadows.

Or do you want the lamp follow the car? and why do you use a spot lamp? why you do not use a sun lamp?

Yeah, the lamp is parented to a vertex on the car.
All objects (that being AI & the player) have one, and when they come together, your lamp affects their car’s shadow.

I don’t think it has anything to do with Receive + Cast

Wouldn’t you want just one lamp (sun lamp) following the player car? That way when you get close enough to the AI, they then have shadows, and the ones in the distance will not (which should look ok). And you could make the distance on the sun lamp farther if you want.

That’s… brilliant!

Finally got the shape of the shadow how I wanted it, too.
Gonna try it out right now!

EDIT: Works extremely well, can’t believe I couldn’t come up with it myself.
Only problem is the inconsistent shadow shape, it’s sides are full of zigzags in the straightaways, and then a box with things pokin’ out.

What’s a good value for “Size”? Don’t want to set it too high, and can’t find anything on google.