Make a Light affect one object only, ignore the other

I am not able to understand Selective lighting in Blender 2.9. (Have gone through older threads and some explanations.)

What I want is - The 2 Disk lights should light up the wheels only, not the car body.
I dont understand what to keep and what to hide in the Render layers.
And then how to combine that in The compositor. Which node will merge the 2 render layers.

blend File with basic geometryLight Exclude.blend1 (1.7 MB)

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I have managed to sort this. :smiley: . Still not very sure about the right wayy. But has worked for now.

This concept used to be called “layer-specific lights.” The lighting algorithms would consider only objects in the specified layers.

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As a recent convert from Cinema 4D, which makes the process of excluding objects from lights a no-brainer, I was literally shocked to discover that this doesn’t exist in Blender.

This was almost a dealbreaker for me, but I’ve decided to just think of my workflow more cinematically. It’s an adjustment I wish I didn’t have to make though, because it can often be expensive time wise.