Make a link to a website

There is any way to make a link to a page, like I have this a website adress on my game and people click over it and the game is minimized and the browser window opens and enters on the website?

An object that looks like a link with a Python function ?

Yes it is(I guess). I saw something related to that some time ago, maybe a BGE support forum search about that can give you what you want. I’m not sure, but I think I also saw that at the Dead Cyborg main menu; the files seem to be open, so you could check them yourself.

ok, I ll take a look thanks sweet arts, if it work It ll be great, anyway if there are someone that could point to a specific spot I ll be happy with that too, thanks

You are looking for the “webbrowser” module.
This allows you to request the operating system to open a website in the default browser.
I’m sure you’ll be able to understand how to use it from this sample code.

import webbrowser'')

I guess I do agoose, thanks ehehe, I ll try it right now thanks a lot!

Just tested it work as I want, I tought that this would be more harder, really thanks a lok agoose, and since Im here take a look at the new gameplay of my video if you have the time agoose, that would be great, and the demo is on its way.

For some reason it’s opening it twice (using agoose’s script), when I use it as script. And when I use it as module it will open it one time but only once, so when I open it, close it again and go to the active BGE it wont open it again going the same action.

Yes, it’s likely that you’ve not tested for a positive sensor -
Therefore, it activates when the sensor is negative and positive.

Ah nevermind ehehhe, thanks