Make a loop cut follow the surrounding geometry even when sliding?


So I have modelled this section of a mocha pot and need to add a hole to it.
For that I want to add a few loop cuts just to this area so that I can model the hole.

But adding loops breaks the smooth flow of the geometry and introduces hard eges, even selecting all the faces and subdividing it doesnt work.

Im attaching pictures to show what I mean.
I know there is a way to make the loops strictly follow the surrounding curves but i cant remember it please help.

The first picture is the default pot, I want to add edge loops but keep this shape

if you want to subdivide your object and don’t want to sharp the surfaces, use Subdivide and in the Operator box (bottom left of the 3D View) give it Smoothness. If you dont give it smoothness the new edge will appear exactly between the 2 existing edges and it will tend to flat the surface, while smoothness will use the normals to interpolate

using smoothness introduces unwanted issues in the top of the pot which is easily fixed by scaling to 0 along the z axis, but it does end up introducing way to many faces. Isn’t there a way to do this with just loop cuts along the faces where i want the hole? (Tried smoothness in loop cut, it didnt work)

you could also select all the horizontal edge loops then right click > LoopTools > Circle. Other than that I don’t see…

When you press Ctrl-A to make a loop cut, you have the ability to slide the edges before you click the mouse button to set it. It won’t change your geometry.