make a quickie fist.

is there an easy/quick way to model a fist? I’m working on something and just need to add a hand holding a hammer. The hammer, I nailed. (hah)

But the fist is a pain.

Anybody know of a tut or can give me a 5-step process? Wishing, wishing wishing on a star. That’s me.

best way I’d think is add a UV sphere surrounding your hammer shaft, select the UV shpere then the hammer, hit W and select Difference. Delete the extra mesh made. Now you have a sphere grabbing the shaft, use proportional Editing on the sphere verticies. This means hitting O in edit mode, grabbing 1 or a few verticies and using zoom to make the influence more or less.

With a little sculpting that way you can get an quick and dirty hand, will look a bit cartoonish, but a good hand will take hours. :slight_smile:


1-download makehuman
2-load base mesh
3-save as blens file
4-enter edit mode
5-select un-needed vertice and delete them

hmmm… It sounded funny at first, but finally no. I guess I should better give you some tips about modeling: I’d use boxmodeling: start with a cube, use knife 4 times, extruding faces for building the fingers and so on… No 5-steps tut for this, unfortunately!

Good luck

both responses are excellent. I beat you both by zooming the camera in and excluding the need for the hand.

But I gotta get over my fears and start making hands.