Make a rebar in Blender

Hi. I’m trying to make a parameterized rebar in blender to show forces and utilization rate within concrete construction.
Very new to Blender and can’t find any good guids on how to do it. Looking for tips and tricks to do this.

it should look something like this:

I only need one (and I need to be able to make it longer and thicker with a python script.)

Any ideas on how to do it? or what I should start with?

The biggest problem is that it’s size(radius and length) has to be relative, or based on values from file. So I guess a parametric rebar is what i’m looking for. An object that can be used many times, with different values, and i don’t know how to do this with the ridges on the rebar.

Anything helps :slight_smile:

can you elaborate on the show forces and utilization rate thingny

i mean you have sample file with the rebars from other thread

you can set diam and for lenght you could add array and set count to extend it along a curve if needed!

i had some rods this winter and forgot to take pictures!

are there only one type of rebars or several shapes ?
like helicoidal ridges may bel

and is this for US or EU market ?
i do have a list of diam for US market but not really for EU!


I answered this in your other thread…

Ah, sorry for the double post.
The force and utilization rate, how much pressure and how much it can take.
But continue in the other thread.the problem with the array is, if the length I need is 17,5cm. and the model is 5cm for example…ric-rebar-help