Make a specific colour of a textures glow?

Hey is it possible in the cycles engine to make so only one part of the material emmit, while the rest is deffiuse?

Because this is my problem. i have the texture from the link below, and i want the red stripes to glow, while the rest is just black.

Is that possible?

you can mix an emission shader with a diffuse shader, using a texture as a factor. The glow, you need to do it in post.

but then the whole texture will emmit.

I only want the stripes to glow.

only way I could see would be to make sort of a mask for the lines then you could use 2 material for you image !

happy bl

Use your texture to control the mix as well as the colour (for more control you could even go via the colour ramp, gamma or brightness and contrast nodes).

Or make a light map for it. where you bake your model plane for the look, assign it’s specific color in 3rd party, P.S or Gimp. Make it appear to glow and then assign it as a texture.

Like in this vid see #2 vid in series… around 17:40 of second vid he starts

Or like this?