Make a straight edge organic

I have this image. I want the structure selected to bend in an organic way along the Y axis. Or better still, I want the whole wing to become “organic” and bend in such a way. Is there a quick way I can do this or do I need to manually use loopcuts to give it the impression that it is “organic”?

No idea anyone?

use subsurf it should make it look continous and smooth


RickyBlender, if I use subsurf the modifier will be applied to the whole ship. And I want only the wings, but subsurf is no good to me, I dont want to make it “smooth”, I want to make it as a protective wing, semispherical, bent to the top and the bottom

blender cannot guess what you want- you have to do it with blender
you draw as closed as possible the shape required then you can smooth or apply subsurf to the object

but don’t expect blender to do everything for you there are limits to what blender can do!

you could seperate the wing from the main object and then apply the subsurf to the wing only

hope it help


How do I separate something from the main object?

select the vertecies you want then p key
and then choose selected
this will seperate the selected vertecies from the rest of the main object


Thanks, I found that I also could use tosphere, but it produces kind of strange results.


but not certain whaht you want to do with it

you could also use nurbs surfaces
the curves of the lines are influence by each other following a smooth curve

so this may help you get what you need

check the wikibook for nurbs and curves and practice with it

it’s another powerfull tool from blender that can be usefull in some circonstances
but the only to way to learn is to practice a lot


Is NURBS actually another name? Searched the WikiBook for NURBS and found none. Also, I got a PDF version of Blender Essentials, no NURBS there :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure what you want, but I’m guessing that it is proportional editing. Enable it by pressing O (it can be disable with Alt O). Then you can select the middle face and translate it (G); the others will follow with a falloff. Press Shift O to change the falloff. Press PageUp and PageDown to change the affected area.

theses are part of the curves modelisation

so jsut serach curves and you should fin it in there
with bezier curves ect…