Make A Style

i was bored and looking at my AE+AF wishlists and i made this from them

you like?

anybody else wanna make one?

[Edit] I Forgot The Shoes [/Edit]
these are shoes for that and they are also the ones i have now

wear those or some pumas

That’s pretty kewl, heck i’d wear that. I’d like to make one.

heh cool

i made another one

anybody else?

Where do you make these?

go to

or any other clothes brand site
and find the clothes you like and save the pictures to your computer
then photoshop,g.i.m.p them together
and post the finished picture here

There’s no way I’d ever pay for pants that look like that. My friend once paid $200 for a pair of pants that looked like he dug them up in his backyard. I kept telling him that I could go buy a pair of pants for five bucks, rip some holes in it, cover it with dirt and get the same result. Whatever, though.

This is an original topic!
Heres mine:

shoes (macbeth) :

same pants as i picked
and my friend has those exact same shoes

see i can think of things

HA! sh33p, it appears that your lower body is much larger than your uper body… you freak!