make a table cloth

the trick is to make a square table cloth that drapes over the edge of a round table, and make it look relatively natural, without pulling out any hair…

anyone h ave any ideas?

make a grid,…then duplicate the edge verts, move them down, scale them up slightly maybe, and manually tweak them into a wavy pattern, varying according to how much starch you are putting in, then face them. or you could just extrude, then tweak. either way you will have to tweak I think.

is a grid the same thing as a lattice?

Can you give anymore details on what you are describing, or direct me to a tutorial?

i don’t know that there is a tutorial on making a table cloth, but to get a grid, go to add>>mesh>>grid. once you have the grid go to the ‘mesh’ popup window, and choose select>>non manifold. then hit E for extrude, and make your extruded edge wavy using the PET tool. also, read the modelling thread in my sig.

hey I made a table cloth using subdiv. and noise disp with a bumpmap:

hope you like,

you can always use one of the softbodie builds that are around.