make a taperd thread/ screw

Hi im trying to make a taperd thread kinda like this picture, (no dimensions here)

But i cant get it right ,
I used a screw plugin whitch gave me the coil ok and then i used proportional eding on the top ring and scaled it down then added another loop along the coil and alt s to scale it out. this looked ok till further inspection showing that the threads at the thinner end were smaller/ tighter together than the boom ones.
Was thinking of trying a lattice to deform a straight one but dono if thatl have the same problem.

Is there a quick way to do this ?
Thanks Ally

try with the mesh deform modifier

tried with a simple screw and beginning to work I think
so experiment
but this is slow process

happy bl


just out of curiosity, what is the purpose of such a useless thing?


another simpler one to do it use the simple modifier taper option

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@sourvinos: IRL its used to tighten holes they use to drain liquids (think- engine, oil). While usual screws will wear out and start to leak, this tightens a lot better and can be used longer.

Theoretically, if normally tool on a lathe goes linearly along the cylinder, this time length is different due to screw being a cone and tool following hypotenuse of the triangle. For the same linear speed there are more threads done. Since the same tool is used, profile stays the same.

If you scale top part of the Lattice using Proportional-> Linear as a base using pivot at the bottom of the screw (initial position - vertical), it should give a pretty good match imo. Adjust influence till you do not see base vertices moving.

Eppo, thanks for the explanation, I honestly would have said that such a screw can’t even work, and that in any case it has very little robustness, but evidently I was wrong.


Or just use a certain profile w/plain regular “screw”:

Thanks guys ye i think a screw and a taper modifier should do it , didint know there was a taper option in simple deform. il post a 3d print when i get it done . :smiley: