Make a Theme "Stick"?

Hi All,

I never paid much attention to themes, but I would like to chose another one. I know I can save a theme with my default file via CTRL-U. The problem is that if I load a BLEND file that I have previously worked on, the old theme loads with that BLEND file.

Is there a way to apply a theme in Blender and make it “stick” so it is always my theme?

i think you also need to save it in the blender script folder

try it and see what happen

but i think it should stick

so first go to your preference window

and select the new theme it’s there and then you Ctrl-U
next time it will load with this new theme by default


Deselect the “load ui” button on the file open window. This guy:

Then when you save it again the new theme will be saved as well.

Thanks, that seems to work!