Make a tower seen from the top.

Hey guys, I really wanna make a tower seen from the top. Like this one: “” the problem is that I’m a beginner… but I’ve seen all beginnertutorials.

I think I’m going to use a Cylinder… men the problem is that I dunno what “thing” I have to use, when raising up the wall… when I wanna extrude it, it raises the whole cylinder… and not the walls… When I write walls, I mean the walls around the middle… :slight_smile:

Sorry if this thread is incorrectly placed - I’m also new here. Haha. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I’ll make a really quick video tutorial. Give me ten minutes.

Edit: Here you are.

Ohhh awesome, dude… I’m looking forward to seeing it :slight_smile: thanks man!

Wow… I feel like a real neeewbie right now … that looks really easy? :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks man!! I’m grateful.

No problem. Have you seen the tuts here?

Yeah I started at that page… :slight_smile: and actually I sent the same request to the help desk… :slight_smile: but I find the tutorials really useful… I’ve been through all the beginner tutorials… :slight_smile:
I’m thinking about joinin’ the Citizen-mode… because I’ve found some nice textures made of stone… for my tower :slight_smile: … hehe…

It’s a great site. Here’s my texture site if you are interested:

It’s a mix of textures, some tileable, some not.

Wow! nice page… I’ve found some nice textures on it: … yay!! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!! I’ve bookmarked it now hehe. :slight_smile: