Make a vertice group and assign a bone to it?

I am following a tut that uses this style to animate. I have searched the wiki and it only says the buttons used, or that it can be done.

Can some one please point me in the right direction?

the tut says:

Select the main mesh. Enter Edit mode (Tab).Go to the Edit Buttons (F9) look for the button set 'vertex
Click the ‘new’ button. In the field that popped up named ‘Group’.
Change that to the name of the backbone,

select the vertices for the body/head and click ‘assign’. Do the same for each bone.

I did that, at least I think I did it correctly. I used each group of vertice that were near the bone and used that bones name, not the backbones name.

But in poser mode, If I move the bone, it doesnt pull anything with it. So I know I must not understand.

Thanks for your help:)

When following tutes and asking for help, it’s useful to give a link to the tutorial too so we can see what you’re doing and will often guess the most likely thing that’s gone wrong.

If it’s an old tutorial and you haven’t used armatures before then the chances are you haven’t given the mesh an armature modifier.

Otherwise you may have the influence set to zero instead of 1.00 in the groups panel - though this is unlikely unless you set it that way.

Also, the name of the group has to exactly match the name of the bone.

Also, in the armature deform modifier panel, the OB: name must exactly match the armature name AND you need to have vertex groups selected in that panel and NOT have envelopes selected.

If none of this helps, then tell us more :slight_smile:

Meaning … as with all other Unix things CASE MaTtErs ! :slight_smile:

I almost never use the New Button / type in a name method.

I will usually use the CTR-P / Parent to Armture / Create from Closest bones, then clean up things with weight paint and then the vertex buttons if necessary. If you use the CTR-P method, you’ll also have to click on the “Make Real” beside the "pseudo modifier (“Armature parent deform”) that appears in the Modifer panel (and also turn off the Envelopes button as Andy mentioned).

The vertex group button is one of the areas of Blender where (unfortuneatly … for now… names are not crosschecked for validity when entered. Some of the other dialogs do check and even have “autocomplete” (type the first few letters, then TAB), but it’s inconsistent where that is implemented.


The tut is one i downloaded as a zip from here;

[QUOTEI did that, at least I think I did it correctly. I used each group of vertice that were near the bone and used that bones name, not the backbones name.
][/quote]So I did that part right?

I will check out everything you said to check out. Except the modifier? I thought that was a separate/different technique for assinging bones to mesh?

Thanks very much for your help and im sorry i posted it in the wrong place. I really thought it was modeling. loL.

============= Update =====================

Well, I went through the tut again. When it came time parent the armature and I did crtl p and clicked armature, then I was given a menu to select for several vertex gourps? options. One was to use the groups closest to the bone. I used it and it worked. Almost.

It left a couple vertices behind which I assume can be painted in?

Do you know if this is any where in the wiki?

Thanks much.

Do you know if this is any where in the wiki?

Armature Deformation, Description, at the bottom of that page.

Also, please be sure to mention when your questions relate to the GameEngine (Snailrose in the link to that tut is a dead giveaway) as the GE doesn’t support Armature Modifiers or Envelopes. Had I known that I would have moved this to the GE forum instead.


Thanks again Fligh. I didn’t know that was the reason to choose one way of adding an armature over another. Or that it mattered at all for the game engine. More secrets revealed.

I read that page several times but really didn’t help me since I didn’t understand the tut. Now that I have figured it out, there is a lttle info there on parenting, vertice groups and envelopes. But it doesn’t explain its use at all.

Perhaps it is under parenting. I haven’t checked that out and will do that now.

==== the next day ===

If anyone is reading this and trying to find info on vertice groups and bones parenting it is here:

I found it with a search for parenting, LOL, not vertice groups.