Make A Visualizer

This musthave been done before… But I know that you can make screensavers in Blender… Do you think we could figure out how to make a visualizer for iTunes, RealPlayer or Windows Media?

I have no idea how one would even go about doing that.

that would require scripting from that program, wouldn’t it? no, i don’t believe this is legally possible…i don’t think :smiley:

Screensavers are movies, while visualizers, are, in a way, interactive.

Ah, well staying within legal boundaries is always a good move… Well, do you think there’s a way in Blender to affect the objects by listening to the sound coming out of the speakers and not out of a program? That way, no matter what sound is coming from, we’re legal.


I don’t see why not. I’m no coding expert, but if the visuals are coded in the first place, then it should be possible with python.

Hmmm… There’s gotta be someone out there in the forums that knows how we could do that… Hello? Anybody out there?

I found this site, where the creators figured out how to make a character move in time to the music… I can’t imagine they’d be interested in helping us out, though.