Make a wheel turn, liniar rotate and stop on a given frame

using 2.69…
i have made a wheel turn with i rotation. then i did linear rotation so it was a constant speed.
how do i change the speed?
tried selecting in the graph editor and shrinking.
and how do i make it stop turning when the car stops?
dont waste your time saying i should constantly keep changing the version of blender. i know better.

So, you went to some frame pressed i and then went to another frame, rotated and pressed i? Between those two you now have a rotation? Or you did that and in the dope sheet or graph editor you selected linear extrapolation? If this is the case, turn off linear extrapolation. I am no expert but I would suggest directly setting the keyframes of the action you want to perform. If, on the other hand you just used linear interpolation I don’t see why the wheel would continue to turn without keyframes. Interpolation would be appropriate for constant speed.

maybe what you need is to create a driver that links the speed of the wheel to the car speed?

"Between those two you now have a rotation? " i put in an i thing at 0,90,180,360 to get the full circle.
but that would slow down as it reached and left the 360degrees. so i did the linear thing.

how do i stop the rotation on a particular frame?
and it does not turn fast enough. i am sure i do not have to keep doing it from the start. used to be i could move the frames for the 90, 180 etc all at once.

forget driver. beyond me.

thanks for your help

Well, to change the speed, I would select the keys in the dopesheet and scale them keeping in mind as default that they would scale from the cursor (the verticle bar). Although it seems you are familiar with that… Other than that I have to think about it.

So it sounds like you are using linear interpolation rather than extrapolation. As I said above unless you are using extrapolation, the keys will not go further than you have defined them ( unless maybe you are using a modifier). If you want ordinary (default) extrapolation you would set it to “constant”. If this doesn’t help post a blend file and I will see if I can help.

thanks i will check in int and ext!

AHA i can only see Extrapolation choices!
where do i find the INtrapolation?

Interpolation is under KEY.
i will make it again as i do not know how to remove the ext… thlng

so i have to manually put in the I rotaion settings for the length of time i wish it to rotate?
i had hoped to do it want then repeat ! til say 44
is that doable? copy and paste maybe in the graph?

You could copy and paste which I would do in the dopesheet, or in the graph editor you could use a modifier (press n to see the side panel). The cycles modifier will do that.

your help is greatly appreciated.
in the cycles i put in a end frame.
how do i copy the wheel motion to the cars other wheel?

That I’m not too sure about, maybe someone else can chime in… I’ll see if I can figure it out.

Two things you could try. If you duplicate (shift d) the object the animation goes with it, or you could select the object that you want to receive the animation then (holding shift) select the object that has the animation and press ctrl l, then select animation data to link the two. I think if you do this and you change the original the animation data will change on the other one. If you don’t want that behavior you can select object > relations > make single user > animation data.

I am using 2.8. Also I am not confident that this will work. If you want more info this page should help:

"If you duplicate (shift d) the object the animation goes with it, "
this worked for me.
thanks again

your welcome