Make AI Teammates follow you?

The AI are already capable of attacking the enemies (Zombies) but now I need them to follow the player around.
There are 3 Teammate AI, and so they have to follow the player around the map.

I’m don’t mind doing it in either Python or Logic Bricks, and is this what Navigation Meshes are for?
I’ve never had much use for them in the past, but I assume that’s what they’d be used for…

Thank you :smiley:

Maybe you can do it without logic bricks or Python. Did you try a track-to constraint?

Nav meshes are a smarter form of AI movement.
If you want the AI to follow you around (blantly) then use an always - and - Steering->Seek, and enter in the info
If you want the AI to follow you and find/flee you around obstacles and moving parts, use a nav mesh.
I can help you with navmeshes if you want to

The level should be pretty flat, but there’ll be minor obstacles (doors, benches, cars, etc…) so I suppose a NAV Mesh would be in order.
If you’re willing to help, then great! :slight_smile:
I appreciate it!

Also, I’ve never used the Steering Actuator before, this thing is awesome! Fooling around with it now

EDIT: Made the AI follow, just need to have it go around obstacles. I also got it to aim at enemies and shoot them all while walking towards me. There’s no smooth rotation, they react instantly and it looks odd. (less than it really is because the AI Teammate placeholder is a Cube)

I went ahead and looked up a tutorial video, Nav Meshes are incredibly simple, and the results are great!

Well, seems most of the programming in my game is done (Shooting, Enemy AI, Teammate Ai) so now all that’s left is to model the enemies/teammates, environment and design maps. (Which I’m capable of… but I despise doing)

This might be the first “good” game I complete,
Thanks Dan!

No problem :slight_smile:
Although you did most of the work, don’t forget about that