Make all faces the same width

Hi guys , It’s me again, I need your help with the same problem as before, Ive been searching the web but couldnt find anything, maybe I dont know what the word in english is for what I want to do but want all the shapes to have the same width (like the blue arrows), last time someone told me to give the “Loop Tools” -> Space a chance but it didnt work :(. Does anyone know another way or is it something that I will have to do by eye?

Loop Tools -> Space should be the way to go for this case. In Edge selection mode select these:

and all the other horizontal edges between those limits. It is important to make this selection in edge mode and not vertex mode as otherwise you would also be selecting the vertical edges, and you don’t want Loop Tools to operate on those in this case.

There’s a quick way to do make such selection if your topology is good, which it looks like it is. First in face mode select the whole front and back and do a Mesh -> Show/Hide -> Hide Selected, then in edge mode select one horizontal edge, and then do Select -> Select Loops -> Edge Rings followed by Select -> Select Loops -> Edge Loops (I always recommend assigning shortcuts to both of those ops as they are great timesavers).

With all those horizontal loops selected run the Loop Tools -> Space. It’ll evenly space out the verts along those edges while trying its best at preserving the shape, which should, in this case, result in making all those faces have the same width.

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IT WORKED!!! thank you very much! I tried the tool before but what I was doing wrong was that I had the wrong edges selected, thank you for your explanation :smiley:

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