Make an array with sections missing

I have a 20x6 array of objects I’ve built for a project. They are relatively high-poly (20,000+ verts each), and fit together perfectly with a relative offset of 1. Now the director wants to remove 6 of the duplicated objects from the array and replace them with another object. Is there any way to do this easily?

I’ve tried dupliverts, but I couldn’t get them to fit together without seams. My ideal way would be if I could apply the array as discrete objects instead of a single new mesh, then delete 6 and re-insert the new objects, but I haven’t found a good way to do that.

If it’s an array modifier you’re talking about, that doesn’t array objects but object data. If it did, you’d have 120 objects in the outliner after applying.

Disabling merge on the modifier and applying it will result to one object consisting of 120 mesh parts, provided the original didn’t have several already. Could select something on the ones you want to remove, ctrl+L to select everything connected to those and delete. Could also make separate objects of them with the options found in separate menu §.

Hiding the seams between objects is also possible.