Make an Eggy Toon!

( note: I will add the last two pics once the post goes up )
Making an eggy toon
about the retopo tool…
There are basically two modes you use when retopoing something. For the purpose of this
tutorial, we’ll call them surface mode, and float mode.
Surface mode is when you extrude verts along the surface of your form, while in retopo mode.
The form is the mesh that we’ll make initially, to guide us, momentarily.
Floating mode, is when you construct your mesh, usually from front or side view, in front of
the form, while NOT in retopo mode. Then, when you’ve created the desired bit of mesh,
you go into retopo mode, and use the ‘retopo all’ button to slap it down onto your form.
The main reason for using floating mode is the better visibility.
So, first to make the form. No need to do it exactly like mine of course.

  1. Using your default cube, make an eggy shape by applying a subsurf modifier at level 2, then extruding, or making a loop cut and then adjusting to get the desired shape.
    fig 1
  2. make the nose, eyes, and ears as seperate objects and position them on the head.
    fig 2
    My form is missing an eye and an ear, because we’re going to mirror duplicate him once
    we are ready.
  3. Go to about a 3/4 view and add a plane, then delete 3 of it’s vertices leaving you with
    only one. In edit buttons hit the retopo button, and move your vertice a bit, which will
    cause it to jump to the surface of your form.
  4. Start extruding and facing. Your new vertices will follow the surface of the form now.
    You might want to change your vertex size in the themes panel. You can move your view as
    you like, just remember, if a vertex is selected, and you move it, while in retopo mode,
    it will snap to whatever is behind it.
    fig 3
    Make sure that as you go, you accomodate for any additional geometry like the mouth, as
    well as any details you intend to sculpt in after the retopo process.
    fig 4
    Just keep extruding and facing. Use float mode if you have trouble seeing your new mesh.
    You can also distribute your form and new mesh to different layers, out of retopo mode.
  5. When you have half of a head, leave retopoo mode, duplicate with shift D, and
    mirror with M. If you are in front view, you’ll want to choose the option to
    mirror ‘X global’, then slide the new half in place with the grabbing widget.
    fig 5
  6. Now select the edges that need to come together, and scale along the X axis, with
    the scaling widget, until they form a neat line down the middle.
    fig 6
  7. Click remove doubles in edit buttons, and do a ctrl N to recalculate normals outside.
    fig 7
  8. Now just finish off whatever needs it, add some details, and use your original eye if
    you want, or use it to position a new one.
    fig 8
    Good luck and may the blend be at your back.


And here are figures 7 and 8.
notice, when you are careful with how you place your polys, manipulation of the mesh is a breeze. Feel free to ask questions, if any of this doesn’t make sense.


Thank you! I’ve never been able to construct anything in the likes of a facial using a cube.

Feel free to post anything you come up with using this method. I am curious to what people will do.

Here’s a wire, btw, of before I tweaked it.


Great ideas in this tutorials! thanks. I’ll request you one thing :smiley: : some tips for making a face with the eyes a little more “inside the head” to have little more delicate face :wink:

there are any number of ways to set up your form, depending on what sort of results you want. To make the eyes more inset, I’d start by adding a couple of multires levels, and then call up the proportional edit tool ( O key ) , select a vertex in the middle of where you want your eye socket to be, and just pull it back, adjusting the influence with your mouse wheel. then you can nestle a sphere into the depression. also, sometimes toon eyes are more squashed, as opposed to round.

	Modron, what is this "float mode" that you speak of? I googled for it but don't see anything that seems related. I'm in 2.5, btw. Thanks!