Make an object change into another

I was thinking of things I wanted to do because i haven’t started on any projects because I have been learning how to use Blender and some of the features. So anyways…I thought of making an animation of something getting smashed to pieces or blown up or melted and then changes into another object where it is then blown up or what ever again into another object. Problem is…I have no idea on how to do this. So thats where you…yes you…the person thats reading this right now :smiley: comes in.

there are a few ways to do this

Firstly- you can use shape keys
-you model you object
-add a shape key
-model the 2nd object
-then key frame the morph from one object to another

*this means that you have to have exactly the same amount of vertices in the 2 objects
so sometimes you can’t do this properly if both the objects vary greatly in shape

another way would be to use clever camera work
-model to separate objects
-make one disappear and the other appear in the same spot while it spins quickly or something (use blur etc)

My advise
start with a simple project
morph a cube into a sphere
then get more complicated

thanks for the advice i was planning on starting out simple because im still learning. So making a cube into a sphere should be easy enough.
If there are other ways to do this tell me so i can experiment and see what is easier for me.