Make an object glow from the inside.

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I am trying to create a scene with terrain and a moon. I cannot get the moon to look how I want it too, it looks rather dim. I have changed the emit values to make it brighter, but this washes out the color. Is there a way to light it up with a lamp on the inside, essentially making it glow? Somewhat like a stained glass window? Right now the setup I am messing with has one lamp inside the moon, and one lamp outside the moon that actually provides the diffusion for the rest of the scene. I have messed around a bit with transperencies, but then I can only really see the top part of the moon.

BlenderNoob Liam

I would say don’t make the moon be emitting light, have it in a separate render layer and give it its own lights which you can set up how you chose. Just pretend to light the rest of the scene with the moon and give it a separate lighting setup, possibly using a sun lamp with a slightly blue hue coming from the direction of the moon.
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Yeah, I’m going through an intro to 3D modeling class, and they did something with the ZTransperency to allow light to come through, but not have the moon actually transparent. I don’t know. They are using a pre-1.5 version of Blender and I can’t replicate the effect in 1.6. Right now, the setup you described, is exactly what I have. Just wanted to know if what they were doing was doable, or if I should just fake it till I make it. Thanks for replying!

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