Make an Object imitate Soft Body Movement

Hi! I am rather new to blender and recently stumbled upon a task I cannot solve, even after googling for several frustrating hours.
I have modeled some Scrabble-Tokens and I want them to fall down and collide. The problem is they already have quite a lot of vertices as their edges are round and they have a hole in the back. When I try to animate them as softbodys they only disappear, i guess they are too complicated.
So I came along with the idea of just using some simple deformed cubes as soft-body-doubles that have the same elemental shape as the tokens. I wanted to simulate those cubes and then let the tokens follow their exact movement. :eyebrowlift:
And the real problem now is that I can’t make the tokens follow the cubes. Parenting and copy-location-constraints are useless because the object center of the soft bodies isn’t moving during simulation. I also tried to parent an empty to three vertices of the soft body cubes and then add a copy-location-constraint of the empty to the tokens . This worked quite well but unfortunately the damned empty rotates in manners the soft-body doesn’t which screws up the tokens.:mad:
To sum it up: I want to make an object do the exact same movement (location,rotation) that a simulated soft body does.

Help would be appreciated:)

You can use the GameEngine to do the Physics and the Record to IPO in 2.4X (don’t think it’s in 2.5 yet but someone’ll correct me if I’m wrong).


In 2.5 there is python access to the resulting (estimated) matrix

.Blend and including script there