Make an object thinner?

You know how you can re-size the object? Well is there an option to leave the length but make it thinner? (I am working with the curves that are attached to the mesh and under array modifier, but I need that cylinder to be smaller=thinner?)

Without seeing what you already have and what you want to achieve it’ll be hard to say for sure…

Have you tried constraining the Scale (e.g. Shift+Z) or using Shink/Flatten (Alt+S) or simply selecting specific sets of vertices and then scaling them individually?

Alt+S is what I needed but on my laptop it is not working at all. I get no response, like i clicked nothing! lol do you know what might be the problem?

You mean it doesn’t change anything when you move the mouse? Also have you tried with the keyboard (Up/Down arrows)?

Again, posting a screenshot may help us understand the situation better.

Nope doesn’t help. Well you know how the dotted line appears when u do re-size? I don’t even have it, and if i do up and down it just makes it bigger or smaller and moves it out of the place. And i have seen people make it “thinner”.


What are you trying to do exactly ?
You started off with curves/arrays and now it looks like you are talking about armatures ?
Do you want to scale something along just 2 axes (eg X and Y but not Z) ? If so you would S / Shift+Z to scale along all axes except the Z axis etc.
If nothing scales make sure you dont have the ‘Manipulate Center Point Only’ icon selected. This in on the 3d view header and looks like 3 dots above a double headed arrow