Make an Object transparent?

Hello, im a newbie at Blender, and im wondering how to make an object transparent…

Ive been creating fluid simulations for the past few days, and I would like to have realistic looking, transparent water, not some weird metallic-looking goo.

Sorry if this has been asked before. :o

usually you can befin to have some transparencies with the alpha variable

but also if you set the transparent values in the shader’s panel

you also have access to the colorband with some alpha valu that can be used there too

it depends what you want to do and what you have so if you where more specific we could help you for a particular situation that you may have !



I believe he has already explained what he wants.

realistic looking, transparent water

Fort Ash

All that I want to know, is how to make This-

Look like this (after rendering, of course)-

this glass do not contain any trransparent water !

do you need to hae some sort of transparent liquid inside too ?

for glass and transparencies chek theses wiki pages


Great materials here…

Ok, thanks guys, got it all figured out now. =)