Make an object unselectable

I know how to lock an object in place so it can’t be moved (N then check all the padlocks) but I was wondering if there was a way to prevent it being selectable at all.

I have plans to make a simple blender “application” that is actually just a blend file with a nice visual aesthetic. One thing I’d like to add is a skybox that cant be clicked to be selected and a simple scene as well (a few objects like trees and grass).

Does anyone know if there is a way to prevent them from being selectable? it’s just so they don’t get in the way.

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in outliner, next to the objects name is an arrow icon, click on that to disable select


very cool, ave, I did not know that. the old way to do it is to move objects to another scene and designate that scene as a backdrop. ( over on the left in render buttons )

Thanks, You helped a lot!

I love how it says “10 years later” above your post. It makes it sound like this post is out of a horror movie or something. “10 YEARS LATER - But what if there is no arrow? :fearful: :scream:

Anyway, you can re-enable the arrow with that weird upside down beaker icon in the top right of your screenshot! :smile:


Hope this helps!


2019 Blender 2.80 OK : in the filter icon !
Thanks !

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Thank you very much, it worked for me