Make an own HDRi in Blender Cycles?

Is this the right thread, I mean, where to put HDRi questions?!
Put it into lighting, because that´s what HDRis are doing normally…

There are HDRis everywhere on the web, expensive, for free, whatever. You could use a picture of your own in Blender and make a HDRi out of it, but I want to something else.

I want to make a scene in Blender, position a camera and make a HDRi out of it. Is this possible?
I mean, Blender would have to render it, I guess, and that´s no problem, because there isn´t much to render, shouldn´t take more than an hour or two.
Is there a possibility to make an own HDRi in Cycles?

Many thanks beforehand.

Mess around with the camera settings. Try a panoramic lens set to equirectangular (or fisheye if you want). You can save the render to a .exr or whatever format you want.
(However if you want the effect of different exposures like with normal hdr, you will need to make a render for each exposure? Don’t quote me on that aspect of it though.)

Yes, it’s very possible. With this tutorial: