make animated tentacle ooze slime

Hello! I’ve had this issue making this animation: I’m trying to make the tentacle in the video to be covered in dense slime, What could be the right way of doing this? I’ve been triying with fluids simulation, but nothing works! Thanks in advance for any help or advice you could give!

how about duplicating it in edit mode, then scaling it along normal slightly ( alt S ) and exchanging the original material for a slime material on the duplicate vertexes. I guess it depends on how you want the slime to behave though. does it need to drip?

well, yes, I’d like it to drip a little. Right now it has a nice wet look, but I was looking for some drips, not a big splash, but some semi-transparent slime falling down from the tentacle… The closest I got, was marking the tentacle mesh as an inflow object, but the fluid kept oozing from the original position. It didn’t follow the animation.