Make blender reload texture from commandline?

Just currious…

Is there some commandline magic i can use to tell blender to reload a texture that is in the UV image editor (or just to replace a texture in general)

My workflow could be greatly improved while texturing in gimp if I did not have to move my mouse over to the second monitor, Switch the focus to blender, hover my mouse over the UV window and pressing ALT-R to reload the texture to view it. Even worse is when I am using my wacom tablet.I have the tablet set to the second monitor only, so I can have more drawspace (with 2 monitors on it only allows me to use the top half of the tablet because of the huge horizontal dimension ) … anyways, I have to put down my stylus, reach over to my trusty mouse, and then do the above mentioned… and then return my cursor to the second monitor, and retrieve my tablet and stylus.

I would like to stay on my 2nd monitor where I have gimp open, click on a Batchfile that tells blender to refresh the active texture(, or just replace the texture).
and just be able to continue on texturing.

If I get this working I might try some gimp Script-Fu to pass the command to blender… If i can do that I could just make a new save feature with a hotkey…(hit hotkey, texture saves, and blender refreshes, without ever loosing focus on my GIMP image editor window)

I dunno… maybe you python guys have a way to watch a files time stamp… when the time stamp changes, it automatically refreshes the texture.

Please guys! this would save me thousands of clicks a week. I am sure other texture artists / modelers would love this feature too :smiley:

TIA for any help or enlightenment :smiley:

Play from the timeline and have a scriptlink that reloads the image on redraw. I did somthing similar when I couldnt get verse working (2004).

I had a script constantly screenshotting the gimp window, and blender constantly loading the screenshot file. worked fine. got about 5-10 fps.


Ummm, what? Do you have the script?