Make Blender UI Resemble 3Ds Max UI

I’m new to Blender and would like to make the UI resemble that of 3Ds Max’s UI. I was watching a video tutorial and the person teaching the tutorial modified Blender’s UI to resemble Max. I think if I could do this I’d learn this software faster. I’d like to be able to view the top view, side view, front view, and perspective view at the same time. I’ve tried to modify the UI but can’t get the panels over to the right side of the screen vertically. Help!
Newbie :slight_smile:

Select the 3-Material from the screen drop down list (it’s next to the Help menu) & then all you need to do is split the Top view in two.

Use Ctrl + Right Arrow.

This will bring you into a similar view layout.

You can of course configure your layout manually as you see fit using split views and horizontal/vertical alignments.