Make bone control curve handle

I am making a Portal 2 turret in Blender. I have finished the modeling, so now I am making a rig for it. I have some curves in the model that I am using to connect the legs, and I want to be able to move certain handles in the curve with a bone. So basically: How can I make an armature parented to a curve in such a way that instead of moving the curve handle manually, I can do it with a bone. Thanks for any help!

(This is an image of the turret. I want to have the curve handle move when
I move the bone that moves the main body. That way, it will look connected)

Select the handle
Hit ctrl-H , choose ‘hook to new object’
The create an empty, when that empty is moved so does the hande. It is kind of the handles parent.
Select the bone to control it, in pose mode.
In object mode, Select the empty, shift-select the rig.
Ctrl-P , choose ‘bone’

The bone controls the empty, the empty is a hook (and controls) the handle.

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Hook modifier.
Either animate a hook object (usu. empty) directly or if you already have an armature make one of the bones the hook. To do so select the bone, then select the curve, then go into edit mode, select the point you want to animate, curve menu/ control points/ hooks/ hook to seleceted bone.

Beat you by a minute. :yes: I didn’t know you could make the bone the hook directly. That’s neat.