Make 'Character Physics Type' slide after releasing walk key?

I’ve asked a similar question a while ago, something about simulating walking on ice?
I recall the solution was to change the friction/elasticity in the materials panel, don’t think it applies to Character Physics objects though, and if it does… well, I must be doing something wrong.

Thing is, I want the player to gradually slow down when releasing the ‘walk’ key, not too sure how to do this. Servo motion sorta does it by default, but I can’t use that now.

Any idea what to do?

have you seen my simple rig?

if own['Move']=[]:
    #Player idle

Yeah, I’ve seen it!

Think you could tell me how to implement it? (the code)

sure, want to send your file?

what is the gameplay style?

That would be great, thanks.
It’s a sidescroller. The same one you actually helped me with a while ago. The file still has “BPR” in the title, I needed help with making the camera not follow the player when jumping.

sure, just send me a pm, or a email @ [email protected]

Oops, I misread - thought you were sending an example file. My bad, I’ll send you the PM in a min or two, the file has a lot of content.

  1. I took a look, do you want to python and physics to do the same stuff as the character actuator?

  2. or do you want a logic based character physics solution?

Hmm, I suppose “2”.
Looks as though it would be simpler, right?

Up to you, really.

I looked into it, and I can’t keep momentum in air with the character actuator, and I have used 1 alot to do this exact same stuff

I made a gradual fall off solution. but it looks wonkey on the character type rig

In which case, 1 should be fine.
Can I see the gradual fall off solution? It can’t be that bad. I could just end the animation with a sort of fade so it doesn’t look as weird.

ok, I see, it’s a problem with alignAxisTo vect, when you point at x and try to align to -x, it just fails

ill just use track to