Make character walk

(arachai) #1

OK so i am neew to the blender game engine, but not to blender. i have a human character that i want to incorporate in to a game. He is fully rigged. How would I go about making this person walk? I know i need to set up the sensors and all, but Im mainly asking how do i get him to do the movements of walking? if someone could point me to a good tutorial i would be greatful


(ititrx) #2

well, you could down load the file below and look through it for more information.

After you rigged it did you animate it with ipo curves?

After you have a walking ipo then you can play that in the game engine (actuator- ipo) when you press a key (usually w for forward).

There are a lot of blends available to look at and see how others accomplish this. There was one called, bio something, I think… perhaps you can do a search for anything containing bio here and find it?
Hope that helps a little, good luck.

Oh its bioweapon, lol and here is the link:


(arachai) #3

unfortunately the download link seems to be broken, but that still does help. just make key frames and set those keys to specific buttons. is that right?


(OTO) #4

here’s an old tut, maybe useful:
Keep in mind that some rigging functions don’t work in the game engine!


(arachai) #5

thanks OTO, that even answered my next question!! (how to texture map for the game engine)