Make curve a dotted line?


I’m trying to make add dotted lines to a scene, like when you add a dotted line in Inkscape

      • (color-transparent-color-transparent-color) and so on.
        Anyone have a clue how to do this with a curve, and to control the spacing of it?



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I would make your a part of the dotted line(a plane) array it with the appropriate spacing and then apply a curve modifier to it, and adjust the curve modifier accordingly. But that can sometimes give you dodgy results.

Don’t know any other way.

Another approach could be to animate a cube or plane along the curve, and then using dupliframes to add them along the curve, this won’t deform the objects like a curve modifier would though.

Thanks for the tips guys!

@Sam M
I went with your suggestion and it worked perfect!
I really should have figured that one out myself, sometimes we just need a little push in the right direction… :o

For future reference, if you want dotted lines outlining your renders, you should check out the Freestyle render branch of Blender (you can find it on