Make each face have x = value 1m


(upload://sJMQGTQM9YkUh9440y7MiooCULB.blend) (563.6 KB)

I need to be able to tell blender that I want all of these faces to have a value of 1 for the x value
So it looks like I might need to learn how to write a script to make blender do this ?

I am surprised no person has made comment here.

Could be that this New Year thing has something to do with that. Also, it seems that after you edited the post, the .blend attachment link got corrupted (only accessible from the original version of the post).

If I understand correctly what you want to do, then it’s this, starting with that .blend file:

  1. Switch pivot to Median Point
  2. Switch to top view
  3. Box-select all vertices on the left side of the object and scale them to 0 on X axis
  4. Box-select all vertices on the right side of the object and scale them to 0 on X axis
  5. Select everything and input 1 into the Median X location field.

Simply moving every face individually will not achieve desired result as specified: moving one face will also move vertices of adjacent faces, which will then make their median not be at 1.

makeeachface1x.blend (563.6 KB)
So right you are ! If I make one face at 1 it does change the one next to it and this is not what I imagined. Currently I am still trying to digest your instructions.
So now I will dig into your instructions and see if I can make sense of them.

So you know I do not think what I want to happen is possible. Not without scripting. Once you Box-select all vertices on the left side of the object and scale them to 0 on X axis they line up and that changes the dimension of the faces.

it looks like we can not make faces line up like I imagined.

Yes, like I said before:

In order for the median to be constant across all faces, the edges on both sides must be symmetrical.

Is there a way to extract all data from a Blend file and organize it in a CSV file ?

I person would have to write a custom script. vertex position would need to be recorded. Then every value of x distance to x=1 would need to be determined. So we would call that xdisktance one = rightd and then xdistnace2 would be= leftd
Then the new locations would be found by replacing the x values of each vertices
Unless faces are recognized with thier own values in some manner. Some faces are not quite flat ? One day I will understand python enough to create a script to do this. WHY ? Can we constrain faces to splines right now and have their sizes remain the same ? II mean right now with blender 2.81 ? Ether way I have learned something fascinating yet simply. I can not line up faces by putting one on x for each value for position of faces. And two I have no idea why the location of faces is called median and why local is different than global. not just yet anyway. Only because on this object I do not know how to determine where the UCS icon is for global