Make edges meet

Hi guys!
I have this question, which might be a bit of a begginer’s drama.
So I used a displacement mod + texture to deform this separated face of an object. The tricky part comes when now I want that face to meet the rest of the cube evenly. I tried to join the two objects and select both edges all around and use the F (make face) command but it gets all ‘glitchy’ edged. Any tricks? Thank you for time

Not sure what glitchy edged means, but if you mean that the mesh you are trying to join to the cube still has the displacement driven by the modifier, you may get this (hard to tell without a pic). I haven’t tried it (at work), but if you apply the displacement and extrude the edges from the object, you can even the edges by scaling along the X to 0 and then closing the back into the flat cube shape. Now you’ve got me wanting to try this.

How about double size face and do displacement again ?
Or join 2 faces, join/connect edge vertices and do smooth or looptool>relax for them.

This is more what I was talking about

Hey ajm, never got to thank you for your help: thanks! :slight_smile: