Make Edited Hair System a Single User - Script Solution SOLVED

Many people have asked for the solution to this problem I posted years ago.
So I’m sharing this script publicly for everyone to use.
Keep in mind, it’s only known to work in Blender 2.78/2.79. If someone could port it to the latest Blender, that’d be awesome! But anyway, here it is…

What this script does:
If you duplicate an object that has an edited hair system on it, Blender does not let you make that hair system on the duplicated object a single user. This means you can’t make changes to the second hair system without affecting the hair system on the first object.
This script fixes that problem, and allows you to make an edited hair system a single user.

Install this script as an addon. It will then appear in the sidebar. (2.7 KB)
Shoutout to Damien who made this script!

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